Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Autism Explosion?

When my third child was born, I knew within the first few weeks that she was different from my other two. She was full-term, but I had a complicated delivery.
We had a difficult time consoling her, and at that time we had no clue about sensory integration.
She slept for short periods, had "radar" hearing, and just didn't cuddle up to us like the older children. Pediatrician's told us she would grow out of it, family was careful to say too much. There were times I questioned myself. But, when she had her Pre-K screening, my thoughts were was bittersweet. I had no idea what I was in for regarding school issues and therapies for her challenges. Those years were a whirlwind. behind the challenges, I saw a very talented child. She appreciated the joy's in life, and seemed to bask in the beauty of nature's colors. By fifth grade, her Art teacher helped her bloom. She began drawing, painting, and creating objects which were way ahead of her classmates. By seventh grade we knew she had a true gift. During her High School years she continued to express herself through her Art. People were amazed at her talent, and her modesty. More......

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