Sunday, January 23, 2011

Diagnostic Summary-The beginning of an I.E.P.

The child's Individual Education Plan is molded from the Diagnostic Summary.Before any evaluations can be done, the parent must give written consent. Each child is entitled to a "Free and Appropriate Public Education.  When a child requires Special Education, the goals and objectives are written Individually on the I.E.P. by the child's team. The team is made up of a Special Education teacher, a Regular Education teacher, one or both parents, a Principal or Assistant Principal, and any professional who has contact with the child. We had the Occupational Therapist, a Speech and Language professional, a Physical Therapist, and an Advocate at most of my child's meetings. When she got older, my child attended the meetings, also.
The Diagnostic Summary is a written instrument used to guide the team with writing the child's I.E.P. There are many areas covered by the diagnostic summary. The child is evaluated in these areas before the team has a meeting to analyze the results. The areas evaluated include: vision, hearing, speech and language, fine and gross motor skills, socialization and any area which may effect educational benefit.
Although our journey began when my child was five years old, it is possible now to receive services for "Early Intervention" at age three.

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